A Danish home in monochrome

It feels like quite a while ago I showed a black and white home and no one does it better than Danish firm Norm architects. Despite the abundance of white, the space is given interest and depth by the use of different textures and materials while the architecture is designed to allow light to flow through the small apartment. I love how the black really pops.

Norm Architects via La Maison D'Anna G
A truly stunning home. What do you think?

I spy classic white Eames DAR chairs around the dining table and a beautiful black Eames RAR rocking chair (15% off with code MYSCAN). The one thing I can't find though are where those amazing pendant lights over the table are from - any ideas?

I love this home and this restaurant also designed by Norm Architects (I told you no one does the black and white look better?!).

Have a lovely Thursday!

A relaxed monochrome apartment in Malmö

It's the weekend! Yaaaaay! To celebrate I've chosen an apartment close to home. This space feels so familiar as many of my friends have lived in similar pads in Malmö. There's something beautiful about the high ceilings, original wood flooring and double doors thrown open between each room. I also love the relaxed style and monochrome theme....if you're thinking of moving to Malmö it's for sale here!

Do you go for black and white or do you prefer flashes of colour? Or perhaps pastels?

Some of my favourite black and white homes to date are this one in Helsinki, this beautiful Copenhagen apartment and this cosy Malmö home. Perfect monochrome inspiration!

Are you up to anything cool this weekend? I'm in Berlin today (such a fantastic city, I've never been before!) and heading home to see my little family in Sweden shortly -can't wait!  Hopefully I'll arrive before my 5 year old loses her first tooth. Hurry!

Have a fantastic weekend and see you Monday!

My home: kitchen blackboard wall

I'd been thinking about painting one of our kitchen walls with blackboard paint for a while. Hardly a new thing I know, but still these things take time in my home. And after lots of encouragement in the comments section from you guys we finally got around to it. As promised, here are a few pics of our new wall....and me enjoying a very rare minutes peace (planning my next project? mwah ha ha haa, don't tell man)! 

All pictures: My Scandinavian Home Blog
In case you're wondering where anything's from here's a bit of an 'I spy': Blackboard paint by Flugger. Second hand industrial lamp; I think it's Louis Poulsen but I need to get this checked. The pretty pink flower is a 'Gloriosa' and the green plant is a Fig. The footstool is BEKVÄM by IKEA which I've painted in mint green. Oh and my beloved sheep skin rug is from a farm in the North of Sweden.

Just one little thing worth noting - while we were painting we realised it was best to leave a border at the top of the wall and also on one of the edges leading out into the rest of the room - definitely worth thinking about if you're considering painting one of your walls in a strong colour.

Oh and I am wearing a veeeeery cosy new knit from TopShop which I can warmly recommend for blustery Autumn days like today!

Eeeek, hope you like the result, always nerve racking posting my own pics (plus it could take quite a few layers to paint over it again)! Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Beautiful monochrome and wood spaces by Janne Peters

Morning! Today some images of the wonderful work by Janne Peters which I spotted on blog Love Nordic (check out this blog - it's FAB!). I love monochrome with wood. Simple and stunning.

All pictures: Janne Peters
To see lots more inspiring pics of Janne Peters work click here. Have a lovely day!

Go to the dark side. Decorating with black

From one extreme to the next this Monday! I don't know about in your country but sadly within an hour or so it'll be pitch black here. And do you know what?? Today i feel like celebrating that darkness by posting cosy spaces in black and wood, with a few vintage touches (of course!). These three lovely rooms show that perhaps the dark side is not so bad afterall?!

Picture: via mechant design

Picture: Anthropologie

What do you reckon? Is black something for you? I actually have a black wall in my bedroom and it's soooo cosy, i've never got bored of it. Have a lovely evening! 

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